Saturday, October 6, 2012

we didn't order the duck. it's bad enough he walked around the ship with no pants.

i'm just off the boat from a seven night western caribbean cruise aboard the disney fantasy.  there's lots to show and tell.  and i'm starting with the food.  you know why?  because as soon as we arrived home, my husband asked me where the gourmet meal was.  so i showed him the pictures.  

and then he proceeded to the kitchen to make ramen noodles for lunch.  

don't worry.  because i surprised my husband with a wild flower on top of the ramen noodles.  and i even made a pretty little soy sauce design to match on the side of the plate.  

no.  not really.  but i did sing a few songs from aladdin for him and the girls.  i even added in a couple of jazz hands.  and just like that, we're back to our normal routine.


  1. I'm going to try to feel sorry for you, for falling into consumerist traps by going on a Disney cruise.....

    but instead I'm just jealous, because I want to go on a Disney cruise and eat that food and sing Disney songs. We just watched Pocahontas 5 minutes ago. I would definitely sing Pocahontas songs whilst eating all that food.

  2. OH MY FRICK! You eat like that and THEN you get Norovirus. It looks worth it.

    And, I couldn't find the Ramen.

    I'll cook all of that for you. Come here and I will. Just let me get my camera.

  3. Why on earth would you show me these pictures at this time of night? Don't you know that I'm pregnant?! Now I must have all of it!

  4. Wow~! Look at the photos. We went Disney Dream two months ago. Though I miss all you can eat foods, my 5 yr. old daughter misses our cabin where it was always cleaned by someone. I miss that, too.


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