about the li'l mad life

a li'l mad family portrait.  pictured from left to right is:
daddy, mommy, mad, daisy dog, and lil.

well here we are on our favorite beach.  i especially love this picture because daddy looks so handsome in his genie pants.  and while the dress i'm wearing is not the most flattering, it was comfortable and on sale.  daisy dog is having a great time with the waves at her knees.  and the girls.  well.  i don't have to tell you.  they were smiling and laughing the whole time.  which made me think they were taking their found shark's teeth and poking sunbathers.  


1.  i started this blog to document my family's activities and whatnots.  and also my awesomeness.  it'll probably go off on a tangent now and then.  but eventually, it'll come back to where it started.  unless it doesn't.  let's find out together.  

2.  we're a homeschool family.  we don't wear bedazzled corduroy jumpers.  oh no.  ours are hand embroidered.  

3.  i learned sarcasm at an early age.  

4.  i started my blog career over at wendiwinn.  then i fell asleep.  i haven't woken up yet.  which explains why we're here.

5.  we go to disney.  a lot.  seriously.

5.  my daughters are lil and mad.  and even though it's always about me, we're all living the li'l mad life.

6.  boom.  that  ^up there^  was good.


let's be friends.  not like in real life.  but like here on the interwebs.  mainly because i'm kind of a germaphobe. yay!  

ps.  you can call me w.  and you can email me here:  wendiwinn@wendiwinn.com