thank you for the opportunity to review and/or host a giveaway for your product.   i'm living the li'l mad life.  so if i take time out from the craziness to talk about your product - you know it's going to be good.  

if you’re interested in having your product reviewed by me, i generally write a review that incorporates a giveaway (in which the company provides a giveaway item that is identical or comparative to the item being reviewed).  my time is compensated by the item provided in the review... and my readers' time is compensated by the review.  plus my awesomely hilarious (subject to opinion) writing. 

which brings me to my style of writing.  it can lean towards unconventional at times.  and i tend to incorporate dry wit and slap-stick humor.  but in any case, my point comes across clear.  and my readers appreciate all of the above.

please note.  there will be occasions when i opt to write a review without a giveaway as well as occasions when i opt to host a giveaway without prior review.  i am also open to compensated posts.  

i'm an honest opinion giver.  so keep that in mind when i express it in the review.  reviews and/or compensated posts will be identified.  and my words are not influenced by the amount of compensation - be it paid or otherwise.

i have a wide range of readers.  while my readers average between the ages of 24 to 55, most are mommies (of at least two children) in their mid thirties.  all of them work.  it’s just that some are paid monetarily.  and some are paid with hugs and kisses.