Thursday, August 23, 2012

it's like playdough. only you can't eat it.

it was pretty outside this morning.  so i set up a card table in the backyard and we all played with polymer clay.  i even brought out my vintage case of stamps.  

the girls softened their own block of clay - color of their choice.  they rolled and cut and stamped.  i baked and glazed and ribboned.  and ooh la la.  we made decorative hanging plates.

my plate depicts a colorful pig.  lil's plate simply states "i love blue".  mad's plate has some sort of gibberish with a girl, a buffalo, lincoln, and roosevelt (idk which one) stamped on it.  all are quite indicative of the creator's personality.  we'd make a bestseller for any psychology publication.  

while the plates were in the oven, the girls pretended to be pirates on the playset.  lil was trying to anchor the "ship" to the tree.  and mad found a shiv.  i put a quick end to the hook throwing and weapons concealment forcing the girls to make good use of the slide.  also, yes.  mad is wearing her nightgown.  and a princess crown.  

and it's not really a true session outside if duckduck doesn't visit us.  i could feel the ground shake as he came waddling up.  i fed him half of a tortilla circle so he wouldn't gnaw on my leg.

i mean.  really.  he's not as grumpy as he looks.  except for that one time when he found his way into our screened pool area.  but i'd be sporting a nasty attitude too if some crazy lady were screaming at the top of her lungs and chasing me around with a leaf skimmer for 17 minutes.


  1. oh. my. i've never seen a duck like that...very. scary. it looks like a turkey hot glued his little gobbler thing to his face and sent him on his merry way.

    you are so great with your girls. you know, the homeschooling. very creative.

    there's nothing wrong with a shiv. if used properly and in the right setting. definitely not for the playground so good call.

  2. The duck. He needs to go. He's dropping shivs and all sorts of contraband around your yard, turning your girls into scurvy pirates!

    Well I guess that's ok. We can sneak up behind him and make him come over for Thanksgiving. I even have dressing for him! Heh.

  3. Ok, you are one of those craty sorts...I should be violently jealous, but you sweet comment undid all the animosity I usually reserve for people who can actually fashion clay into clever decorations! :) And you made me laugh with that duckbuck...he is a frightful looking fellow for sure!


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