Friday, August 31, 2012

their attention span is about as big as a duck.

we had a wind chime hanging out back not so long ago.  i enjoyed listening to the soft tink tink sound it would make.  but only in the day.  because at night?  that soft tink tink noise sounded more like heavy chains dragging from some pale faced limping clown.  the kind of clown that paints an extra wide smiley face.

today we made wind flags.  i had originally wanted to attach shells and driftwood via ribbon to tin cans to make wind chimes.  but then i thought about it and opted for the more settling idea.

i drilled holes along the open rim of some cans.  i also drilled a hole in the center of the base.  the girls painted their cans and then we let them dry.  also.  duckduck paid us a visit while the girls were painting.  lil took the offensive and chased him with her paintbrush whilst screaming something like "i'm gonna paint you!  you can't eat me!".

it didn't take long for the cans to dry in our hot sun.  but still.  i had them marble paint during their short wait.  this other craft prompted duckduck to go for round two.  this time, the girls double teamed him.  he was no match for them.  even though really?  he is.

when the cans were dried, we tied ribbons to the holes.  i held each one up and we let out "oooh"s and "aaah"s while the wind blew the ribbons.  then my hubby decided probably he should hang them on the tree.  good choice. 

also.  duckduck did end up coming back for another round.  but the girls were inside and had no interest in his challenge.  so i fed him a piece of pita bread.  because i was not about to take him on alone. 


  1. I'm fairly certain that duckduck and the pale faced clown are working together. The clown comes at night after hearing a report from duckduck who works undercover for the day.

    Also, I might be watching too much crime time television.

    Yay for windchimes!

  2. We request a blue and orange ...duckduck that is..not silent windchime. Wait if a windchime is silent is it still a windchime?

  3. I had to take my lovely shell windchime down because like you said in the middle of the night it sounded like heavy annoying chains. Add tropical storm like winds and a banging screen door and oh my goodness I was screamin somthin!

    Anyway, I love your windchimes silently beautiful.

  4. Awesome crafts. Today I made my kids clean the bathrooms...I didn't like what they were making in there naturally...

    Please start force-feeding duck duck lots of corn...I want foie gras for Thanksgiving...

  5. Windchimes and crafts! You are adventurous :-)


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