Wednesday, September 5, 2012

i almost grabbed the bottle to rinse my hands. and feet. and hands again.

our local zoo offers monthly modules (composed of four meetings) for homeschoolers.  this is lil's second year participating in the science classes.  and today was day one after the summer break.  

lil's friend caleb joined her for the first time this morning.  he was thrilled.  or really annoyed.  but actually.  i'm gonna go with confused about the fresh zoo smell.

this month's topic is the weather.  the kids made thermometers with water bottles.  to make one of these bad boys, you'll need to gather:

- plastic bottle
- water
- isopropyl alcohol (we used 70%)
- food coloring
- straw 
- modeling clay

1.  fill about a quarter of the bottle with equal parts water and alcohol.
2.  add a couple drops of food coloring.
3.  insert the straw.   do not let the straw touch the bottom of the bottle.
4.  take the modeling clay and form a seal around the straw and bottle mouth.
5.  gently hold your hands around the bottom of the bottle.  avoid squeezing it. 
6.  as your hands warm the bottle, the solution will expand and rise up the straw.

also.  if you leave your bottle thermometer in a hot car, you'll have a wet and food color dye filled cup holder.  and the modeling clay will be mushy.  and the kids will beg to play with it.  and you'll let them because you're an awesome mom.  and as they stretch and pull the mushy clay, you'll gag.  and it'll take all the strength left in you not to drink what's left in that bottle thermometer.  

man.  zoo school is so awesome.


  1. Yeah, but did the thermometer tell you how hot your car is? because that's what I want to know. Also, why does thermometer look like a typo? THESE ARE QUESTIONS I NEED ANSWERED.

  2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute...was this in MY car??? Because first, I never said my car could get hot, or have food coloring OR clay in it...doesn't matter that I just bought an FJ Cruiser...I need my car that you have taken care of. OK??

    That craft is so cool it's hot. It can be both, see?

  3. I'm also curious as to if it told you how hot your car is! Sounds like your kids had a great time!

  4. Wow. I never knew! Now I want to make one. And I don't have kids.

  5. Well that looks fun! I'd rather go to zoo school than prep school...

  6. Sounds very cool! And messy. I think I'll have my kids read about this experiment, not actually do it. Although, we just spilled blueberries all over our car, so what the heck.

  7. Okay, you have convinced me that I need to sign my kids up for zoo school!

  8. Man. Zoo school IS awesome!! Way better than boring home school. I'm inspired to involve the cat more.

  9. Cute pics! Love your blog. Thanks for visiting me at Doorkeeper :)

  10. This sounds neat school at a zoo my kids would love it:) Thanks for following, I am following back.

  11. Cute pictures and glad zoo school was a hit (and memorable for its smells!) :) Thanks for following my blog via NOBH! I'm following you back :)

  12. I used to take my kids to the zoo all the time. We loved it even though my daughter who was just a toddler at the time used to call all the animals "goggies", which was her word for doggies.

    I too am curious about the homemade thermometer.


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