Saturday, September 8, 2012

i know school has started because that's where everyone was.

i guess summer is over.   i can tell because the streets of magic kingdom were void of arm to arm walking.  the crowds were sparse.  the lines were short.  and the stroller parking left ample room for our double wide orange bob stroller.  i sure do like it when school starts.

we smiled nice with some friends.  the godmother.  cindyrelly.  vid.  belle.  tink.  rap.  merry.  tigg.  pooh.  double e.  and pig.  also.  my husband claims that tigg purred at him.  tonight when he's sleeps, i'm going to purr in his ear.

we played with some rides and attractions.  the barnstormer.  aladdin's magic carpets.  casey jr's splash and soak area.  astro orbiter.  and the tea cups.   we went 'round in circles a lot.

we remembered the classics, too.  the tomorrow land transit authority (aka the people mover).  the jungle cruise. and carousel of progress.  the girls and i were the only ones in the room to sing and clap with each rotation.  my husband didn't mind because he slept.

we had fun hanging out in the new dumbo play area for a bit before riding on the flying elephant.   under busier crowds, a buzzer is given to each family as they enter the area.  this allows for timed sessions and makes room for incoming guests.  i especially enjoy the dumbo ride these days because it gives me a sneak peek at the construction of (more of) the new fantasyland.  

our last adventure of the day was at  monster's inc laugh factory.  this place cracks everyone up.  and while you're standing in line, disney gives you the opportunity to text in a joke to be used during the show.  we've tried before with no success.  but this time, lil's joke was selected.  and i think it was because the guys behind the whole shebang probably felt sorry for me.  watch and see.

my text:  what does a python order at an ice cream shop?  a milk *snake*.  

their text:  ha ha!  very funny!  we'll try to get this into the show.  yours monstrously mike wazowski.

my response text (because i forgot lil's name and location):  what does a python order at an ice cream shop?  a milk *snake*.  from lil of etc etc.

their response text:  you call yourself funny?  i sure do!  thanks for the joke!  your pal mike wazowski.

my response text again (because lil saw what i texted and was like.  no, mom!  that's wrong!):  what does an eagle order at an ice cream shop?  a milk *snake*.  from lil of etc etc.  sheesh.  i can't get it right.  sorry.

their response text again:  we got your joke!  thanks!  yours monstrously mike wazowski.

oh the pride beaming from lil's face when she heard her (correct) joke on stage was perfect.  i'm so thankful for that.  and for the copy/paste option on my phone.


  1. I'm glad that Mike Wasowski wasn't like, GEEZ LADY, WE GET IT. Because, that wouldn't be very magical.

    Also, soon, I'll be there. And there. And right there. Etc.

  2. So fun! Stopping in from SITS. My kids are dying to go to Disney...I've been saving for 6 years, but we're really close. Hopefully we can make the trip
    next year.

  3. Disney looks like so much fun! I've never been. And probably never will.
    Good job getting your joke on stage. Reminds me of the time I got my tweet on the big screen at a concert. Makes you feel special.

  4. Oh, that sounds like the perfect day from Magic Kingdom! Your pictures really bring back memories. Can't wait to take my kids. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  5. Ok I suffered all kinds of trauma looking at the pix...what does Cinderella have in her hands! Why did you let Tigger touch Mad? He is trying to eat them! Why are eagles eating liquid snakes? I am not sure eagles can use straws... How can Mike W. read texts with just one eye???

    When are they gonna build Sanitizer Island? Can I be the happy sanitizer bottle? At least you'll know what's in my hands...and if you hug me you'll be clean. And tipsy.

  6. Disney should only be done when the rest of the world is in school. It is the only way to keep your sanity through a full day.

  7. I like what Tracie said. :-) It looks like you guys had a great adventurous time.


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