Tuesday, September 11, 2012

well shoot. it all happened so fast. and without a quiver.

lil has been involved with archery for a little over a month now.  her coach has been working on form and patience with her.  my goal for lil is for her to make it to the 2024 olympics.  and for my family to cheer her on from the stands.  you know.  without getting kicked out. 

lil working on her form with her coach.  and practicing at home.
no one has been shot.  yet.

lil, however, has already fulfilled any goals she may have regarding archery.  as we were waiting in magic kingdom's brave arena this weekend, the host asked lil if she would like to shoot his bow and arrow.  she barely looked up from coloring her page and nodded after informing him that she took archery.

the look on the host's face says it all.  also.  i hope lil doesn't see this
and think.  oh!  let's roast marshmallows by shooting them into a fire.

after following him to the tiny shooting area, she shot the big fat cushion arrow perfectly into the target hole before the host had time to finish saying "hold it like this".  also.  kilts don't fly up in the wind like skirts do.  and it's a good thing too the way lil quickly turned to thank her host and briskly walked back to the middle court to finish her artwork. 

merida's courtyard. 

ps.  lil uses an italian made beginner's ragim matrix jr takedown recurve.  fifty-four inches.  sixteen pounds.  she carries four to six jazz arrows in her quiver.  blue and white fletchings are a must.  yada yada yada.  i had to look up all this terminology.  also.  same rule applies to lil as it does to merida.  no weapons on the table.  until she can use it to provide dinner.  um what?


  1. She looks good doing archery! An absolute natural! So glad she's taken up the sport. My son loves it too!

  2. How fun for her to have something she can focus on and do well! We have an archery set here that the boys use. (They've done archery at Scout camps.) It's a fun sport!

  3. Hi from waddlee-ah-chaa!

    Wow, I'm massively impressed with such bravery! What an experience. Good luck with the dinner thing. :) -jeannine

  4. Very impressive! Thank you for linking up at NOBH. So glad to have you join us.

  5. Oh so cute! Looks like she's got great form..very impressive!!

  6. What a surprise she must have been to the hist! :))

  7. Oh how cute! Can I come cheer her on at the Olympics?

  8. I love those wonderful pictures, nice keeper.

  9. Love this post... I'd be afraid of real arrows
    nice to see the stoppers on the end..
    Great shots! Thanks for your visit to my blog
    Happy Fall

  10. She has really taken to that sport, hasn't she!!! I don't know much, but it looks like she has great form.

  11. What a darling little archer who is on her way to the Olympics ~ wonderful post and photos for 'Q' ~ thanks, ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  12. Your Lil looks like she has great form and concentration! I see a future sports college scholarship in her future... well done!

  13. Used to do this when I was young, Very fun.

  14. She is amazing! I was terrible at archery in high school! But I admire those Olympians! Such patience and perserverance! Cool Q post!

  15. What fun! It looks like she had a great time.

  16. Cute photos! I'm glad your daughter found something she enjoys.

  17. Wow! 2024. That's quite an ambition! Sounds like she's off to a good start.

  18. You know I hate that redhead...can Lil' shoot her in the backside? mmkay thanks.

    Our kids can shoot apples when they are together.

    Or the duck.

    We can call it the Hanger Games.

    Man I am so awesome.

  19. Hello.
    Oh Lil's a pro alright...just look at the determination on that little face! (smile) Wishing her all the best. Nice shots. Thanks for sharing.

    Quench My Fire

  20. I loved archery when I was a teenager. I'm not sure I would be as good as your Lil looks like she is!

  21. If you can take lessons, athletic training, traveling, etc., then all of you will definitely deserve to be in the 2024 Olympics. Good luck!

  22. Whoa..she looks great, and must have been a fantastic event!

  23. I think archery must be in vogue right now.

    Our oldest Granddaughter just took it up as well.

    I'm a bit afraid of it. I remember one of my cousins shooting his brother in they eye with one of those old Roy Rogers boy sets.


    I think things are quite a bit safer now!

    Thanks for sharing the fun with us!



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