Saturday, September 22, 2012

stepping on legos hurts. swimming with them, not so much.

we hung out with some friends yesterday morning at legoland florida's water park.  it's a relatively small area, but we had a blast.  except.  there was that one time when lil pushed me down a pitch black tube water slide.  and then i heard her laugh about it with the lifeguard.  i think they even high-fived each other.  true story.  

also.  i'm going to take her around town later this week.  in my pajamas and curlers.  while rapping old school run dmc.  like "you be illin'".

duplo splash safari area and build-a-raft river.

joker soaker.

joker soaker slides and wave pool.


  1. These pix are awesome I am gonna join you in walking around town, in a mud mask and pj's...I don't have enough hair for curlers...and, I will sing Beastie Boys "sabotage" because I am white. Awesome.

  2. Um yeah that jealousy thing I had previously....its worse. We SO want to go here too. Minus the whole pitch dark tube pushing thing.


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