Thursday, September 13, 2012

so the whole raining men thing could maybe actually happen?

homeschool class at the zoo was entertaining on wednesday.  we learned about weird precipitation and how (because of water spouts) it rained frogs (france, 1833).   and that the largest snowflake ever was about fifteen inches wide (montana, 1887).  and also how once a turtle was found in a hail stone (mississippi, 1894).  this would be a perfect opportunity to insert a joke.  but let's just laugh at the actual facts instead.

in continuing with this month's weather module, the kids made "snow".  i'm not sure what it really was but it started out as tiny beads and then puffed up to a soft fluffy consistency once water was added.  lil and her friend caleb really liked playing in the mix.  they even convinced themselves that the snow was cold.  i just kept making sure it stayed white.

after the snow was cleaned up, the kids made rain gauges and water cycle models (in a bag).   the rain gauge was a simple kit that only required attaching the water tube to the measurement backing.  the water cycle model in a bag - while simple - was a little more involved.

to make a water cycle model in a bag, you'll need to gather:

- soil
- water
- wild flower seeds
- gallon baggie
- sharpies (optional)

1.  mix the soil, water (enough to make the soil just slightly wet), and wild flower seeds in a bowl.  you'll need enough to fill the baggie up to about an inch from the bottom.
2.  decorate the baggie with sharpies. 
3.  add your soil.
4.  tape the bag to a sunny window and watch the evaporation, condensation, transportation, and precipitation. give or take.
5.  you'll want to add a little bit of water every other day if the soil gets too dry.
6.  once your seed begins to sprout, take it out and plant it.  yay!

when we got home from zoo school, lil immediately staked her rain gauge into the ground.  it was cloudy all day so we didn't tape up her baggie to a window.  instead.  i just put it on the stovetop and turned on the hot exhaust lights.  then i was like.  oh no.   i can't make dinner because it'll affect our project.  we ordered out to panera. kachow!  can't complain 'bout no dinner when your child is a science winner.


  1. I think before too long Lil will know more than me. Perhaps I should enroll in zoo school as well.

  2. Wow, they all have so much fun.

  3. Okay, this sounded like so much fun! And the weather facts were very cool. Good trivia there to share with my three little insatiably curious children. Thanks for linking up with NOBH! Smiles!

  4. Looks like they all have a fun and educational day though!

  5. I like this.

    (see what I did there???)


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